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College Savings & Planning

If you are struggling with student loans, credit card, or personal debt we can assist in finding ways control the burden, and then attack the debt to rid it from your life once and for all. Also if you find yourself with mortgage issues we can assist you no matter what your situation is. 

MAD Consulting LLC offers a full range of financial planning, advising, and investment expertise to our clients. We offer our knowledge in the following areas: Debt Management, Investing, Real Estate, Retirement Planning, Budgeting, Cost Reduction, Financial Independence Planning.  Fulfilling your financial needs with 100% satisfaction is our goal and always will be.  

It's never to late to start saving for college. Whether your child is a newborn or 15 years old. Obviously the earlier you start the better. MAD Consulting can help walk you through all the tax advantaged and money saving options of paying for college and other higher education. We can help you setup a 529 college saving plan where you can contribute up to $14k/yr and earnings grow tax free. 

Debt Management

Can't stand taking orders from your boss, but afraid to lose your job? With our financial independence planning you'll have the freedom to do what you want, when you want.  This approach is for the ambitious individual that wants to continue making a difference in the world. All the while you'll never have to worry about how you will pay your bills.

Financial Independen​ce planning

Unlimited Package - Our industry leading subscription plan starts at $29.99/mth and includes all the services above. 

Starter Package - The starter package is $295 for 1 years worth of budgeting, investment management, debt management, and cost analysis. A great option for a person with limited funds, and big financial planning needs. 

Pricing is also available either on an a la carte basis, packaged level, or hourly.  It is our goal to offer affordable prices for everyone no matter what your income is. To inquire about pricing send us an email through the contact page so we can understand your situation in more detail, and offer you the best cost effective and comprehensive solution. We will respond within 2 business days. 

Think you spend a normal amount of money on everyday items? We can analyze any costs to help you save more.  We actively pursue areas to lower your expenses without sacrificing any modern luxuries. When used in conjunction with budgeting this can result in a massively changed financial situation for your household. You work hard for your money so stop letting it slip away. 

​​​​Cost Analysis & Reduction

Are you tired of wondering how they always find great housing investments on TV, and why you're not in on the action too? MAD Consulting's proprietary model can help you become an effective real investor. Want to purchase your dream home? We can offer comprehensive advice that the real estate broker and appraisal won't provide you.  

Running a budget isn't just for business.  MAD Consulting will help you crunch the numbers, and keep track of your hard earned money. Sticking to a plan will help you achieve long term financial success. This can be especially helpful if you're living paycheck to paycheck. Be sure to try our free expense tracking and net worth calculator tool!

​​We offer a full suite of planning tools to help you keep your retirement on track. We can help you decide when to take Social Security, or if an annuity is appropriate for you. We will develop a plan to make sure you never run out of money during your retirement.  Getting close to retirement? Ask about our retirement success probability calculator to see if you're on target. 

MAD Consulting will get your money working harder for you. We can develop custom investment action plans to suit your needs. We can analyze, and even work with your employers program. Additionally we can aggregate all of your investment accounts into one simple dashboard for easy viewing of your entire investment portfolio.

Have no investments? You can get started with as little as $5k, or less if under age 25, and on the path to financial success.



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