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REvenue Optimization

​Here at MAD Consulting LLC we take your business as seriously as you do.  You let us know what you'd like done and we'll do our best to make sure we exceed your expectations. Below are the services we offer.  We guarantee you won't be disappointed in the quality of work and service you receive. 

Retirement Benefit Account

We offer complete retirement account benefit setup, implementation, and investment all in one place. From SEP-IRA, Simple-IRA, 401k, and profit sharing accounts we cover it all. If you are a small business take advantage of the options available to you! You could potentially set aside $53k/yr in tax advantaged accounts

Revenue is the goal of every company. That's why we take it seriously. We look at your current revenue streams to find out which ones have the most potential for increases.  We will review each revenue area to ascertain how it can be expanded.   

Flat fee unlimited pricing is now available starting at $199/mth. This gives you full access to all the services listed above. Nowhere on earth can you get this breadth of services, execution, and value for that price!

All additional pricing for Business services depends on the type of work requested which can be either hourly, project, or any customized basis.  To discuss our pricing options or customized solutions send an email through the Contact page. We will respond within 2 business days.

Looking to buy equipment? Should you lease or buy it?  We can help you determine what's an effective use of your capital.  What about purchasing a whole or partial piece of another company?  MAD Consulting will help generate financial metrics to see what's a fair price. 

Ever wondered how your business compares to a competitors? With our industry comparison analysis you can find out how you stack up against the competition with operational and profitability performance measures.  We can present the information in a clear way to show you how you're stacking up against the competition.  

With a keen eye we'll reduce your overhead with the results falling right to the bottom line.  We can analyze specific cost categories, or the entire company to find where spending can be reduced.

MAD Consulting analyzes your data to identify your most valuable customers. This can help you identify which customers are providing real value to your company, warranting further interaction.  Through our product analysis you can find out which products are selling best, to whom they are selling, and even learn at what time they are selling. Not sure what your margins are for specific items? No problem as we can provide specific analysis. 

Customer & Product Analysis

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